9-month Faculty

9-month Faculty


  • Continuous assignment from 8/16 to 5/15 except for legal and UF holidays
    • Labor Day
    • UF Homecoming (if applicable)
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday and Friday)
    • Christmas Day
    • Holiday Closing Period (2009: December 28 to December 31)
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
  • No guarantee of returning to a 12 month assignment
  • Does not extend mandatory tenure review period
  • Applicable MOA is Article 12 – Appointment (http://www.hr.ufl.edu/labor-relations/moa/12Appointment.pdf)

Payroll and Benefits

  • Annualized base salary reduced to 81.8 percent
  • Biweekly gross salary increased to achieve the 81.8 percent
  • No pay for period of no assignment
  • Retirement contributions reduced accordingly
  • Pension plan participants will receive service credit for an entire year
  • Employer’s annual contribution to health insurance is unchanged
  • Employer’s annual contribution to life insurance expense and coverage level is determined by the employee’s annual salary so this would decrease
  • Double payroll deductions for employee for the 1st and 2nd paydays of February, March and April; and first payday in May
  • Funding for professional development travel or similar is permissible during the period of no assignment
  • Research time still offered during period of assignment

Sick Leave

  • Current balance rolls over and is accessible for use after conversion
  • Sick leave accrues based on hours worked after conversion

Vacation Leave

  • Current balance is cashed out or held in balance for 2 years and then cashed out
    • Not cashed out to 401(a)
  • Unavailable for use after conversion even if held in balance
  • No additional vacation leave accrues


  • Paid for official holidays during assignment
  • No pay for holidays when on break from assignment (summer)


  • Meet with Library HR to discuss changes in terms and benefits with employee
  • Confirm the position is eligible for conversion (department, division, and college level reviews)
  • Determine effective year
  • New appointment letter issued