Offboarding in the Libraries

UF and our Libraries have several supports if you or one of your employee’s plans to voluntarily resign or retire from a position and leave UF in good standing. Key to remember is that this is a multi-layered process involving human resources, technology services, facilities management, business services, benefits, retirement, and others. To complete the offboarding process in a timely manner, please follow these steps.

Step 1 – Library HR

  • Check in with Tina in Library HR to ensure employee does not lose benefits during the transition

Step 2 – UF

  • TEAMS/USPS – Notice of voluntary Resignation or Retirement information (employee)
  • Faculty – Notice of voluntary Resignation or Retirement information (employee)
  • UF has offboarding Employee Exit Checklists as a support for transfers and separation (supervisor – optional).

Step 3 – Supervisor submits an Offboarding Grover on behalf of the employee

  • It is better to have the employee with you when you fill this out to ensure information is complete.
  • The Grover ticket will alert departments that help with offboarding processes.

Step 4 – Give everyone enough time to finish the offboarding process

  • It will take several business days to complete all steps in the offboarding process when working across so many units. Library units involved request a two-week lead time.
  • For frequently asked questions regarding what happens to employee email access, file storage, and accounts during the offboarding process, see here.

Step 5 – Exit Interview with Library HR (optional)

Step 6 – Celebrate the employee

  • Smathers Libraries retirement event support
  • Ask the employee to share knowledge and wisdom about the job to share with the next person. This can include anything the employee is willing to highlight that they use, create, or lead, like, software programs, projects, Listservs, conferences, committees, processes, reports, websites, social media accounts, etc.
  • Nominate employee with at least 10 years of service and who is retiring for a Meritorious Service Award