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Student Employment

Student assistant checks out a book

Hundreds of part-time Student Assistants are employed by the George A. Smathers Libraries each year making them vital components of our success. Employment opportunities range from entry level positions shelving books to higher echelon jobs utilizing advanced subject knowledge and expertise.

The library branches and departments provide a variety of convenient, student-oriented jobs with flexible work schedules during the day or evening.

Pay rates for students employees are based on skills required, level of responsibility and longevity of employment. Positions offer the possibility of advancement and a raise in pay after two semesters of service.

The Libraries provide students the opportunity to learn new skills and create building blocks for future professional and academic endeavors, with the flexibility in scheduling necessary to remain focused on their scholastic priorities.

Employment Eligibility

Full- time students at the University of Florida are eligible for employment as Student Assistants. Some departments require that the student be eligible for the Federal Work Study program. Non-students are eligible for a variety of temporary non-benefited OPS positions.